Does being Pro-Russian make me an NPC?

So when I was on telegram awhile back I came across this post:


Which got me thinking something along the lines of: “really? I’m pro-Russian but does that actually make me an NPC?” Now, for those who don’t know what the NPC meme is about. Michael Malice gave a good explanation about what the NPC meme is about. So this explanation got me thinking about how I came to my pro-Russia opinion. Also, for those of you who don’t know what my actual opinion of this topic is. It is this: Russia invaded Ukraine out of self-defense because NATO wouldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t allow Ukraine to join NATO. And in addition to that, Ukraine was planning to invade Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics.

So I didn’t come to my opinion on this topic by actually researching the topic myself. I just watched other people talk about what there opinion/analysis about the Russian invasion of Ukraine is. This is the same way that NPCs come to there views/opinions on things: The NPCs doesn’t think for themselves or do their own analysis; They just listen to MSM(mainstream media) and what the people with power and authority are saying and then just believe that. But you could say that the only difference between me and the NPCs is that the type of “programming” or media/sources they use to form their opinions/beliefs: The NPCs uses the MSM and people with power and authority(e.g authority figures within the government, healthcare system, & academia etc…) to come to their opinions/beliefs while I use dissident/alt-media & non-mainstream sources to come to my opinions/beliefs.

So you could ask the question if I were to just watch MSM not any dissident/alt-media & non-mainstream sources, would I sill be Pro-Russian? I think that the obvious answer would most likely be no! The reason being that the MSM is pro-Ukrainian. Thus, for the reasons that I explained above I would be Pro-Ukrainian in this case.

So I think that it is safe to say that I am an NPC when it comes to the Russia-Ukraine situation. However I think that just being Pro-Russia in of itself isn’t enough to make you an NPC; It is more about how you come to your opinions/beliefs on this topic. the reason for this is because if you think for yourself and do your own research and come to your own conclusions that lead to you being Pro-Russian then you’re not an NPC. But if you just did what I did in coming to my Pro-Russian beliefs then you’re an NPC.

But How did I come to all my other opinions/beliefs, did I come to them in the same way that I came to my views on the Russia-Ukraine situation? For me personally, I think that I can say that I came to all of my opinions/beliefs in that same way that I came to my views on the Russia-Ukraine situation. One of the reasons why I think this is because I remember talking to someone about the covid-19 vaccines & saying something along the lines of that they’re bad because they can cause heart problems(which is a an opinion I got from those dissident/alt-media & non-mainstream sources and not a conclusion that I came to on my own). So in closing, I think that I am still an NPC.