comparing and contrasting the ideas of “Living beyond your expiration date” & “to put a dent in the universe”

So I came across the following ideas: Living beyond your expiration date and this interpretation of a quote from Steve Jobs: “To leave a positive mark on many people’s life, to bring about a revolutionary change that benefits mankind.” So I think that it would be interesting to talk about how these 2 ideas are similar and different from one another.

Now, the first idea is in a nut shell about how the only way currently to overcome human mortality(or at least until the Transhumanists figure out a better way) is to create some (original) work(s) that people will continue to build off of once you’re gone. Now, the first thing that is obviously different from these two ideas is that the “Living beyond your expiration date” doesn’t specify how groundbreaking or useful it is to mankind as a whole. Also, this idea just specifies that people(it doesn’t specify the number of people) need to continue to build off your work after your death. But on the other hand, that interpretation of the Job’s quote has the words “revolutionary change that benefits mankind” in it. So unlike the Living beyond your expiration date idea that interpretation of the Job’s quote implies that the work you create needs to be groundbreaking in some way because if it isn’t then it almost certainly won’t create “revolutionary change that benefits mankind”. And, if your work creates revolutionary change that benefits mankind then, it’s safe to assume that there will be a lot of people who continue to build off your work after your death.

Now, I think that it would be interesting to see what happens if we combine these 2 ideas. So if I was to combine these 2 ideas I think that we’d get something like the following: produce some work that creates revolutionary change(s) that benefits mankind; Thus, due to the revolutionary positive change(s) that this work has created for humanity; There will be people who want to keep building off your work once you’re gone.


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