questioning our desire for almost constant entertainment

So I was at a dentist office which has been built relatively recently. and when I was sitting in the chair I noticed something strange: there was a TV mounted on the ceiling in a very similar way to the image shown below:
image credit

I also remember thinking to myself: “that’s kinda weird; why would they put that there? It’s a dentist for adults so isn’t it reasonable to think that we don’t need to be entertained while we’re there getting are teeth cleaned or whatever?” However, that’s not the only time I have noticed this pattern of people wanting to be entertained(or as I like to call it people wanting to consume digital product) while doing other(possibly more mundane) things. Like when I was at the local gym there were some stationary bikes with screens on them that allowed one to watch Netflix, YouTube and the like. Also, another possibly more familiar example is how when people are waiting or on the bus etc they are almost always on their phones. Now, there are many more examples of this throughout our society but I think you get the idea.

Now, here is some food for thought: what is the cost both at the individual and societal level of our culture’s extreme focus on the almost constant consumption of entertainment?

I don’t know any good answers to the above question. However, I think that it’s still worth considering as individuals whether or not we should partake in this almost constant consuming of entertainment.